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The guys are corpsing missing venus. He objects that if they do this theyll have to go through all that pain again from the beginning. Docmom is becoming more childish as her memories fade. Rihwan and haenga prepare to take mom to see haengas dads tree, haenga thinks rihwan rejected her because she was a burden to him, venus can t contact johnkim but he shows up at her door.

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But they look disappointed when she says she will be moving out in a week, on the way out yiseul encounters rihwan and they go for tea, gahong paid the paparazzi in america to keep quiet. He could write about the thing thats most precious to him, venus has found a place and is moving out in a week, jonghyun stayed behind to do some research.

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Dokkopd arrives to find jonghyun and rival bickering again, dirchoi say the score is now one to zero, vet agrees that bokgil needs more tlc. Sister gets a call from her son johnkims half brother and dad t ells him to watch his behavior at all times. Boss thinks she is a thief and sends jonghyun to catch he r, johnkim makes her weigh in and she gained a few pounds, appendchilds13 buy trafficusers are prohibited from posting any material depicting individuals under the age of 18all content and links are provided by third parties.

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They used her and threw her out as soon as their blood relative was able to take over. Now they are sitting on a pandoras box of hope, she reminds him that he used to think taehee was pretty. Frenemy tells her to handle the employee abuse case. She is happy to learn that they are the same age and drops to banmal.

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He tells her that he is there for her now. He keeps sayingsorry and thats the least thing a girl wants to hear from a man. Johnkim asks venus to stay at the villa and pay rent. He drew a flip animation of a cat and bokgil is excited and wishes herself a happy birthday, taehee is not his type so who is haenga should know since his hand is attached to hers, if they retreat now they could be totally crushed.

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He grabs the tote and everything falls out including the missing book. On top of that the girl returns his laundered shirt and asks about bokgil. Champ does the photo shoot with celebrity and her interest is more than professional, remembering nawoos remark that today would be bokgils birthday.

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Venus calls her mother who is busy opening the store she bought for littlebro, jonghyun tells nawoo to leave now that she has seen bokgil and dont come back. Champ is depressed and henry is bored. Dad is being examined at a hospital. Did he possibly think they could live happily ever afterjohnkims dinner date with the chairwoman turns out to be another marriage meeting. They go for black bean noodles, shes even going into the hospital for them now.

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He is not sorry for breaking up with her but he doesnt like her being happy with another guy, she agrees to come to the grand opening this weekend, but her interest in jonghyun is more than professional.

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Thats why she doesnt understand yiseul who was born with everything momster struggled for, dj talks about the one person whom you want to tell everything to, but when she confessed that she liked him he couldnt say he liked her back. There is a series of side-by-side pictures of haenga and rihwan going through their daily routines until they meet, haegong is amazed that jonghyun actually knows a girl, venus and johnkim are shocked to see each other there. Todays training is with hula hoops, venus dresses up in her little black dress and fantasizes being a celebrity.

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So they plan a trip on the weekend. Venus says that sleepy driving is more dangerous than drunk driving but johnkim says sleeping side by side is more dangerous, jungwoo did some research of his own and came up with a plan to help yiseul forget rihwan. She mentions that venus has found someone and he already knows, venus opens johnkims yogurt and winks at him.

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Appendchilds13 buy trafficvar wau wau 13 wau, johnkim doesnt understand why she is acting that way since they were not in a romantic relationship, later haenga and rihwan sit alone outside. He suspected she would get stood up and waited for her, henry and champ visit venus at her new home with food. She argues that johnkims dad is considerate but dirchoi disagrees, its bffs ex mother-in- law.

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When they get to her place he invites himself in and ends up spending the night, she is determined to stop being a burden to anyone. Ex meets bffs reporter husband who tells him that the new director might actually be the infamous johnkim, yiseul checks her watch frequently explaining that shes just living until midnight over and over, mom cleane d the house and cant stop nagging.

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The lady who checked the gas left the door ajar and bokgil escapes, it could be like they just met for the first time and she will be his priority. Ex comments on her weight loss and asks if it was because of frenemy and him, she left gifts for the guys and home cooked breakfast. Ex is chatty while managerjo is brooding.

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He texts her that hell be late today, ex takes out the box that venus gave him on their breakup date, venus isnt wearing her glasses and he wonders if she was expecting another kiss turns out that her eyesight isnt bad. She objects that it would have been a lonely life without him and docmom, he offers to take the team out to lunch, people do that kind of thing when they are dating. Chairwoman decides to reschedule, venus tells frenemy that crossing her legs is bad for circulation. And he says hes already richer than ironman, so they lie on the bed feet to face and talk until she falls asleep. So what about their relationship, she didnt leave a suicide note, haenga figures out that rihwan might try to run away and goes to find him.

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Frenemy come s in to hassle venus about her relationship with gahongs director, as bokgil is being examined nawoo wants to buy things for her. 26c1ff00000013 function var sdocument, he seems to enjoy working with his body more than his mind, is he prepared to come out of his world dramafeverdad knows that johnkim made a full recovery from his cancer and congratulates him. Jonghyun says that a family member was sick, jonghyun props nawoos head with his jacket and accidentally drops his nametag. That was the same time he found bokgil, she doesnt think bokgil needs to go on a diet, johnkim tells venus that he was very sick as a ch ild and his mother died during that time. When that happens shell come back to him even if he tells her not to, but he wants to meet her mom, jonghyun finds nawoo asking the strays if they saw her missing cat.

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Rihwan assures docmom that nobody was hurt and ushers her away to the real haenga, taehee tells haenga to let her know the results of the test for the alzheimers gene so she can respond appropriately in joy on pity, venus isnt answering her phone so johnkim calls henry to learn where she is. Nawoos cousin tries to dissuade her from going out at night again. She smiles and he freezes. Jonghyun only draws what he feels without regard to what others think, henry doesnt miss a chance to tease the champ about his fan. They were hungry and rihwan lied about leaving his wallet at home, mom wants dj to get married but she doesnt want it.

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Buddy assures tipsy dokkopd that jonghyun knows that shes always looking out for him, surely someone could recognize his sincerity. Haenga thanks docmom for what she did back there.

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She wrotelet ri hwan go docmom said she was happy a few days ago. So mom tells littlebro they will have move up the opening because of venuss schedule, and johnkim seems smitten watching venus play with the little boy. Venus texts johnkim when he is undressing, hyunjung brings the files venus requested on the champs abused birth mother.

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But its too late now and she tells him to pursue his own happiness. She turns around and asks if hes okay, nawoo is tired her unnis nagging her to go back to school. But why is venus crying when johnkim is the one in pain it is usually harder for the other person to see someone they cherish in pain.